Olympia Free Little Art Gallery

Olympia’s littlest and free-est little gallery


I believe everyone is an artist. I believe everyone benefits from making and viewing art. Some of the best kind of art is art that stems from community building.

With the love of art, free little libraries, community art projects and the need for more gallery experiences in safe, accessible and outdoor locations comes the vision and creation of Olympia’s Free Little Art Gallery. I hope this structure and what is created because of it brings you joy.


Take a piece of art, leave a piece of art.

Create small art and leave it in the gallery. Think paintings, collages, drawings, printed digital art, woven art, jewelry, postcards, sculpture, ceramics, wood turning, photography, word art including poetry and so much more! Basically, if you can create something and it is dry and can stand upright and fit in the structure- it belongs!

Once you leave your art, then TAKE a piece with you! Take a piece that strikes your fancy and give it a loving home in your abode.

Simple right!? The thing about simple is even with something so simple- this is how community is formed. Get ready to say hello to others as you view the art, get ready to make friends with those you meet along the way whether you traded art with them or not. Get ready to enjoy this community park in a new and intriguing way.


Where is it? West Central Park Project

How do I leave art to contribute? The gallery is always open. Swing by West Central Park and drop off your work inside the littlest gallery at your convenience.

What size art should I make? Think roughly 3 inches squared to a max of 7 inches squared. Think 2D art that can stand on its own for the small easels, think 3D art that isn’t so fragile it would break if someone carried it home.

Do I have to leave a piece of art to take one home? It is highly encouraged. I am hoping the small size encourages anyone, no matter age or ability, to create something if they want to participate. Having a hard time getting started? Ask your friends or family (children are great at this!) for art ideas. You can even make a small get together of it (whether over Zoom or in person) where you take some time to create your small pieces together and talk to one another about the process.

What age do I need to be to make the art? When I say everyone is an artist, I mean it. So whether the art you drop off is being created by an infant or the oldest living person at 118, that is perfect! Also, many other creatures are artists. Have a pet that creates art? Drop off art for them too!

What ideas do you have to make the 2D stand on it’s own? You can use pre-stretched canvas or canvas paper. If you create on something thinner you can attach it to cardboard, chipboard or get extra fancy and frame it!

Where can I get my supplies? The possibilities are endless and some artists even create their own supplies (have you ended up in the rabbit hole of Youtube’s “How to make your own paper”?) I can recommend Olyphant and Lost & Found Crafts for art supplies and Oly Framemakers (located just across the street!) if you were getting extra fancy and framing your small art.

Anything not allowed in the structure? Please be aware any political campaign art (especially instructing viewers who to vote for) or hateful art will be removed.

How can I support this project beyond the art making? Thanks for asking!

1. West Central Park is always looking for volunteers! Basically, the structure needs individuals to swing by the park and check on it and the artwork, send a photo of what’s in the structure and clean up any trash. If you can take 1-2 days a month to do this please contact West Central Park.

2. Do you have action figures and figurines to donate to structure so they can view the tiny art for eternity? Please e-mail eatdrinkandseeoly@gmail.com

3. Tell your friends, family & neighbors about Olympia Free Little Art Gallery and tell them how cool it is! We want the whole community to enjoy this structure.

4. And, most of all, interact with the structure! Make some art, swing by and trade it out with something cool already there. The more people who interact with the littlest gallery, the cooler it will be.


West Central Park Project

2103 Harrison Ave NW

Olympia, WA 98502


The Olympia Free LIttle Art Gallery (Oly FLAG) made its debut at West Central Park in April 2022 and was an instant hit. Throughout the summer, fall, and even in the cold wet days of winter, park visitors walk by to admire, add, or select tiny art to take home with them. The physical gallery box was created to test the idea, to see if there were enough people around who wanted to create art, share art, and find art — and the answer is YES.
So this year we’re asking everyone who thinks this is an idea worth keeping to toss a little something into the pot so the Oly FLAG can have a new, permanent home — same address, just a more weather-proof and permanent gallery box. All donations here will be used specifically to build and care for the new FLAG.



Have other questions or ideas for the structure? Please E-mail. Looking to follow along and see photos of the artwork coming in? Follow our instagram for more.

Grand Opening

April 30 2022 at West Central Park

Arts Walk Pop-up

April 22 & 23 outside of Oly Fed.

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