Best Brunch Spots in Olympia

This town was made for brunching’ and that’s just what we’ll do! (Sung to the tune of these boots were made for walking)

If you’re anything like me, brunch is life! Olympia has some pretty amazing brunch spots, too. Here are a few of my favorites you’ll need to check out next time you’re hankering for the perfect spot.

Chelsea Farm Oyster Bar – No! It’s not just a place for seafood. Everyone’s palette will be satiated here and the brunch cocktails are superb!

Octapas– With specials always rotating this is a place to try again and again.

Bits– bagels and smoothies and family run!

Port Taco Truck and Restaurant – It’s a taco truck IN a restaurant! It is a new favorite of mine!

Hash– from “basic” avocado toast to amazing pancakes check this spot out on the westside for a treat!

Waterstreet– I love sitting outside on Waterstreet’s patio in the Summer to enjoy the view of the lake and some great food.

Mercato– Such an amazing spot. If I want a carb filled brunch (and who doesn’t!?) I absolutely run here for pasta, bread, sandwiches, and so much more.

Our Table– With a spot downtown AND at the farmer’s market, they can’t be beat! I love the market concept that they create dishes based on what’s available at the market. Simple, brilliant, ever changing- I can’t believe it hasn’t been done yet but I’m glad they started the trend!

State and Central– Classic diner specials. Get a burger, chicken and waffles, a beer or mimosa. Sometimes classic is perfection.

Parkside Cafe– VEGAN ALERT! What an amazing spot too. With a rooftop view on their upper level this is such a nice afternoon spot.

Honeycuspe– Yes, its a food truck but, OH MY! is it good!

Olympia Farmers Market– You might not think to invite your friends for brunch at the market but with so many places to grab great food and then shop local after, it’s actually a great choice anytime.

Sanfrancisco Street Bakery– A local favorite! Great for some baked goods, a bagel with all the fixin’s and some great coffee.

Blue Heron– Another great bakery to stop off for a meal, a snack or to pick things up for later.

Bread Peddler– A fantastic Olympia location with a front house cafe location and back of house french style dining. The back of house seating has your cocktails if that’s what you’re after!

Oyster House– another great location for seafood if you’re feeling it, but they have much more, too!

Wherever you’re brunching today, I hope you get to slow down and enjoy a local business and some of the people that make Olympia so special.

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